About Us

Our aim is to share our passion and enthusiasm for goldfish and all the different varieties you’ll come across. This ‘How to Care for Goldfish’ guide has been put together to be a comprehensive resource for anyone who wants to find out how to provide the best care for their fish.

Whether you’re just starting out with your first aquarium or you’re wanting to take your hobby to the next levels, we’re sure you’ll find this handbook interesting and informative.

We’ve descriptions of more than 20 types of goldfish as well as the less common varieties of hybrid goldfish. You’ll find out about their habits and which varieties thrive together and those goldfish that are more finicky and why.

You’ll find advice on aquariums, filtration, water quality, feeding, goldfish breeding and so much more. And if you’re thinking of stepping up to your own goldfish pond, we’ve got you covered there as well.

Caring for sick goldfish and recognizing diseases and their treatments is essential for goldfish care. The reference material provided will help you make the most of your fish and how to keep them healthy.

Thanks for visiting us and wishing you loads of enjoyment with your goldfish.